Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Energy Pack Link

Energy Pack Link


 I want to minimize your work . So that, For Your mafia help I have Figured Out Some Important Link.

Which will helpful to your Mafia.
You do not need ask your friend to send energy pack.
just click below link . Before clicking mind it u will get one energy pack in every 23 hours and read the energy pack strategy .
Enjoy Yourself.


  1. What do you do when it says you've already used your energy pack for the day and you haven't?

  2. ask someone from ur mafia to send u energy pack and u recieve it

  3. It seems I can only send about 10 Energy Packs per 24-hr period (according to Sent Notifications) and I cannot choose who I will send it to.
    The link above is a "500" on FB.
    Thank you for the info :)